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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you accompany our vocalist?
Yes, all Classic Music Ensembles will accompany your vocalist. There may be
an additional fee for this if it will require a special arrangement as well as rehearsal time with the vocalist to ensure a complete successive you would like, we would be happy to arrange for a vocalist that we have worked with in the past.

Are you experienced?
Classic Music Ensembles is made up of a small group of musicians who have played and performed together for over 30 years. Classic Music Ensemble musicians are all seasoned professional artists in an around Southern California and have been heard performing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Mozart Orchestra, Pasadena Symphony, San Diego Symphony and in major film, recording and television soundtracks.

Where have you performed?

Classic Music Ensembles have performed at most of the major event sites throughout the Southland. This includes all the major hotels, Hilton, Westin and Marriott. Our wedding music can be heard for ceremonies in parks, private estates and beach clubs.

How do I know what size group to select?
You would be surprised at the dynamic ranges Classic Music Ensembles can provide. We are very adaptable to any performing environment. We can fill large halls at full capacity as well as perform in small rooms and not overpower. The ceremony preceding most of our ensembles are not amplified. We perfume the air with music.

What if I have an outdoor event?
Classic Music Ensembles is the perfect compliment to an outdoor event. Our instruments are portable and easily transported from site to site. Providing shelter or covering is required when requesting string or wind musicians to perform outside. Not only will their sound resonate more clearly, but protection of the instruments is essential.

Is lighting an issue for the musicians?
Classic Music Ensemble musicians are able to play in as much or as little light as necessary for the affect of your event. Musicians upon notice are able to come equipped with stand lights. There only need be an electrical outlet nearby.

What services are included when hiring our Classic Music Ensembles?
When hiring Classic Music Ensembles, you will get attention to every detail of the music for your event. Our artistic director, Jenice Rosen, is accessible to answer any questions you may have 7 days per week. It is important to keep lines of communication open and Classic Music Ensembles makes every effort to return your call, fax or email, within one day. In addition to any questions you may have you receive a formal phone consultation approximately one week before your event to go over final details and all music selections.

How will the musicians know what to play?
Prior to your wedding day, you will receive a formal phone consultation and a wedding ceremony questionnaire in the mail. This outline serves as a guide so we know exactly what music to play and when to play it. The ceremony music traditionally begins with a 15 minute prelude before the service, optional vocal, the processional, music performed during the service, the recessional, and the postlude while your guests exit the ceremony location. This should total approximately one hour and 30 minutes. The musicians arrive early and are ready to perform as your guests are arriving.

What happens if I go over the allotted time?
Classic Music Ensembles understands that services sometimes exceed the anticipated time. If your wedding service should go over the allotted time an overtime charge of $50 per musician per hour will be charged.

Do you play more than just classical?
Classic Music Ensembles has selected repertoire from hundreds of years of classical music. The best of the Baroque period - including Bach, Handel, Telemann, Vivaldi, Pachelbel, the Classical period - such as Mozart, Haydn, and the Romantic period - including Beethoven, and Brahms. We also play American popular music, waltzes, ragtime, and the best of Hollywood's movie soundtracks.

What do the musicians wear?
Classic Music Ensemble musicians wear concert black attire. The men wear tuxedos and women wear elegant all black formal attire. If this does not fit the look of your event, Classic Music Ensembles musicians are glad to adapt their attire to any occasion.

How far in advance should we book Classic Music Ensembles?
We suggest you book Classic Music Ensembles 4-6 months in advance. This allows time for you to begin thinking about what music you would like performed at your special event. If you would like to have a piece arranged, we require notice of at least one month prior to the contracted date of service.

Are there travel fees?
If you are located within these boundaries (North to Thousand Oaks & Santa Clarita Valley, West to San Bernardino and South to Newport Beach there is no charge. If your event is located outside of these boundaries speak with a Classic Music Ensembles representative for more details.