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Welcome to the Premier Source of Live Classical Wedding and Event Music

Martha Stewart Living says:
"Among the most reputable contracting services is the Los Angeles based Classic Music Ensembles."

Classic Music Ensembles offers chamber music for your special occasions. Elegantly attired musicians perform favorite classics to add a touch of distinction to your wedding or special event. Our ensembles are featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine and in a 'perfect timing' wedding in Southern California Modern Bride Spring 2004.

Classic Music Ensembles performs the best of Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi from the Baroque, Classic and Romantic periods in music. Our extensive repertoire choices also include popular love ballads, performed with our classical touch.

All Classic Music Ensembles are seasoned professionals representing Los Angeles’ finest musicians. The attire for formal occasions are tuxedoes for men and appropriate formal attire for the ladies.

We’re music to your ears!
Classic ambiance of a glistening or deep ebony harp
Resonant music of a woodwind ensemble
Blending sounds of a string quartet
Serenading solo guitar
The regal music of a brass ensemble
Orchestral aura of a mixed wind and string ensemble
Classical touch of a guitar and flute duo
Classical essence of a flute and cello duo
Continental elegance of strolling strings
The delicate air of a flute and harp duo
European Italian, Hungarian or Gypsy ensemble
Nostalgic music of the past with the Ragtime Orchestra
Beloved Symphonic and Movie Classics with the Salon Orchestra